Care For Your Instrument

Boogie Juice is an all natural cleaning product designed specifically for the care and maintenance of instrument fingerboards. With its patented dispensing system, Boogie Juice can effectively remove dirt and oily build up from your fingerboard. Any good musician will tell you that it is crucial to care for your instrument. And maintaining the condition of your fingerboard will help the instrument to retain its tone and help prevent adverse effects.

Available from major music stores worldwide.

How To Use Boogie Juice

The Boogie Juice dispenser has a tip operated valve. To start flow, hold upright and depress tip 10-12 times onto fingerboard. When more liquid is required, depress 2-3 times. Rub tip gently on fingerboard to loosen dirt.

Why Use Boogie Juice?

Boogie Juice is a simple application that can help preserve the life of your instrument. With regular application (usually between string changes) your fingerboard will stay conditioned and free of grimey build up. It will also help to reduce cracking in the fingerboard due to humidity changes. You've invested a lot of money in your instrument, so why not try to preserve the life of it for as long as possible? This product can help you.